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Tell a friend about our service. If they give us your name as a referral, we will award you with a $5 discount off your next month's invoice. Referral discounts have some restrictions, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Services: How to work with Got Dooky?

At our initial interview, either by phone or in person, we'll cover our scope of services and gather some basic information about you and your pet, and also answer any questions you may have prior to our first visit.

When we arrive at your place for the initial meeting, it's important that our first visit together includes you and your pet at your place so we can determine how the pet will react to us when we arrive the next time without you being present. With your help, we'll make note of any special conditions such as entry access and any of your pet's needs required to do our job efficiently at the place of pickup.

At the first visit, we request payment by check for a one-time setup/cleanup fee of $25.00. On this visit we will demonstrate how we do our job by performing the first waste pickup, disinfection and removal.

From this point, you are not required to be present when we're scheduled to come for dooky pickup. When we finish our job at your place, we will leave a door hanger notice stating completion of the service with notes if necessary on any unusual conditions we've encountered during the service, including any symptoms of disease we may visibly detect in your pet's stool.

At the close of the first month of service, we will contact you to verify continuation of our collection service on a regular basis and also see if there are any improvements or adjustments necessary when we continue our collection service.

At any time please call to let us know how we're performing. We're happy to rectify any problems with our service by the very next business day with no additional cost.

We will send out an invoice in the mail at the end of each month, after the work is all done.   Invoices are due by the 15th of the month.  If you prefer another type of payment method, please contact us. 

You may opt to pay by mail as long as payment arrives in our office by the 15th, or you may pay by credit card by clicking here. Be sure to include your invoice number and client account number when using our secure online payment so we may credit the correct account. Please note there is a $3.00 late fee for accounts not paid by the 15th of the month following the service.

We also have plans for bi-weekly, daily and limited-visit pickup services. Please call us at the number below for more information.

What ZONE are you in?
We base our daily pickups by 3 zones:

Monday & Thursday

Tuesday & Friday

Wednesday & Saturday

Call us if you have different requirements for pickup.

We hope you'll enjoy our service!
Please call us at (866) 229-9289 to begin your
Got Dooky?™ pickup service.

Talk to us straight up about your dooky!

Some folks wouldn't say the "S---" word even if they'd stepped in it. We understand and respect that, but don't feel embarrassed about discussing your pet's dooky with us. There's no sense in beating around the bush when we've got a job to do!

Here's some handy synonyms for poop you can use with us if stuck for words:

Classy Synonyms
B.M., byproduct, detritus, dregs, dross, dung, excrement, feces, fragments, leavings, manure, offal, scat, stool, waste

Cute synonyms:
caca, doo-doo, doody, grunties, poo, poop

International synonyms:
buang air (Indonesian), caca (Romanian), cagar (Spanish), feko (Esperanto), khara (Arabic), merda (Old Latin), merde (French), numero dos (Spanish), scheisse (Germanic), shite (Celtic), skit (Swedish), srac (Polish), srat (Slovenian)

Picturesque and colorful synonyms:
boulders, brown pavers, bum dums, butt leavin's, butt nuggets, butt presents, cannonballs, care packages, chocolate kisses, close encounters of the turd kind, collie chunks, colon cookies, dingle berries, dog biscuits, dog kabobs, dog logs, doggy sausage, elk duds, foot soldiers, grass pickles, grass rats, land mines, lawn puckies, lawn spuds, meadow muffins, mower missiles, Number 2s, poop buddies, prairie dogs a'peekin', smokin' stogies, smoky links, toxic avengers, turf monkeys, Turtle Head

Send us more if you know any good ones. We may publish it here!

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